Custom dashboards and reports consume significant time and resources for Microsoft Dynamics Customers. While there are few out of the box reports, often they are not sufficient to meet the current and future needs of the business. All of the scenarios below requires business to rely on IT to spend significant amount of their time or augment their staff by hiring external vendors or consultants.

  1. Ad-hoc requests for new dashboards and reports
  2. Changes to existing reports which usually requires customizations to the reports and/or the underlying data.
  3. Use Microsoft Dynamics data in conjunction with other organizational datasets to gain broader insights
  4. And access any of these broader insights inside enterprise apps rather than going into a Business Intelligence (BI) tool

More importantly, the end user experience is terrible because they have to wait hours or days to gain insights from the data that is right in front of them.

Datafay brings Natural Language BI capability to Microsoft Dynamics, where business users can see visualizations and gain insights by just asking questions. With datafay, IT transitions from provider to enabler of Business Intelligence. Let’s walkthrough how you can use datafay for Microsoft Dynamics in 3 simple steps.

  1. Connect to Microsoft Dynamics

Any IT role or business user can login to your datafay account by entering your username/password. Click on data sets tab and choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance or Sales. You can also connect to AX 2012 or 2009 sources.

Enter your credentials and you are connected!

2. Ask questions

Just simply ask questions and datafay returns visualizations that not only answer your question but also provide additional insights.

Invoice insights from Microsoft Dynamics Financials, Powered by Datafay

If you don’t like a chart, just close it and datafay will present a more relevant chart in its place. And yes, you guessed correctly — datafay learns from these interactions.

3. Invite users

If you are in an IT role, you can just simply invite business users to datafay, and they can see the visualizations without even worrying about step 1. You can even setup Pre-defined questions for your business users so they can drop down and select the questions.

Datafay can deliver broader insights from multiple data sources by just choosing them! Here are a couple of examples:

Microsoft Dynamics for Finance + SalesForce

Select your sales and finance data
Ask questions across sales and finance

Microsoft Dynamics for Sales + Marketing data

Select your sales and marketing data
Ask questions across sales and marketing

Finally, you can also “embed” the natural language capability into your enterprise applications without writing a line of code.

Embed Natural Language BI in your applications

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