Simple & Fast

Enter the question and see visualizations instantly in your app or browser.

On demand

You get real-time data-driven insights anytime, anywhere with just one click.

Embed into applications

Users can ask questions within app and see visualizations without clicking away

Natural Language

Ask questions in the language you communicate and do business - natural language.

Analyzes data

Driven by AI, datafay analyzes data in real-time and delivers visualizations on demand.

Learns from you

Datafay learns from user questions and interactions with the results to deliver most appropriate analysis.

Ask questions and get data-driven insights

Datafay delivers visualizations that provide a direct data-driven answer and additional insights that will answer any follow-up questions. Discard any visual you don’t like, and datafay will show a better visual in its place.

Accurate visuals

Save and share

Supports fuzzy questions

One click interactions

Actionable insights

Clean and responsive

Easily connect to data

Navigate to your data tab, chose the type of source and add it by entering your credentials. You can either import files or connect to databases and online services such as Salesforce. No data prep or ETL is required, and you only have to add a dataset once.

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